What is Unovis?

We view the trillion-dollar global market of industrial animal agriculture as an antiquated and inefficient food production system with serious vulnerabilities. These inefficiencies threaten our long-term ability to feed a rapidly growing global population, are destructive to the environment, detrimental to our health, and cause great suffering to animals and humans. We believe that fixing this broken food system poses the most vital economic and ethical imperative of our time.

Our Approach

We seek investment opportunities that allow us to disrupt conventional animal agriculture, make an impact, and provide wellness to all living beings, including present and future generations. We focus exclusively on alternatives to animal protein products, and target high-impact ventures with the potential to reach mass markets, delivering innovative products into the hands of consumers. We support our founders by combining our entrepreneurial nature, culinary and food expertise, and connections to strategic partners and early adopter networks to rapidly propel novel products to high visibility and build strong, resilient brands.

Our Investment Themes

Food Tech: Novel forms of production with protectable IP and CPG element.

Cellular Ag: Advanced fermentation and tissue engineering to produce animal products from the cellular level.

Novel Proteins: Plant-based or fungal replacements for meat, dairy, 
eggs, or seafood.

Convenience: Distribution and systems that increase consumer access to mission-aligned products.

Exploration: New approaches that fall in line with our investment thesis.

More information is at Unovis.vc

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